My brother, the dentist.

My brother, Dr. Greg Edwards, was recently written up in his hometown newspaper, the Las Vegas Review Journal. I think that’s pretty cool.

Had he seen a photograph of Dr. Greg Edwards beforehand, Christopher Chase Cripps admits he probably wouldn’t have shown up at the African-American dentist’s office in Las Vegas for emergency treatment of toothaches.

Apprehension over the unknown would have sent him elsewhere.

“Coming from where I did in Louisiana, you just didn’t think of black people in that way,” the 31-year-old white construction worker said the other day. “Black dentists were so rare you never really heard about them.”

They took a bunch of pictures, including one with my niece, Michele, who helps Greg in the office. Wisely, Greg wore a mask in all of the pictures. Otherwise, after this article, he’d be mobbed by crazed fans with impacted molars!

Read the full article here. Congratulations, Bro!

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