Seven Wheeled Wonders

If you are doing the tourist thing in L.A., you’re doing it to see stuff. But, why not take it up a notch and have people taking pictures of you while you see the sights. I saw a couple of the seven-wheeled wonders the other day and had to take some pictures. The SWWs are carriages, but instead of being towed by horses, they are towed by horsepower in form of high-powered moto-trikes.


Seven-Wheeled Wonders is just getting started and their website has pretty basic info right now. But, the vehicles are there and ready to rent. If you’ve have a special date planned, or you want to make an impression on the red carpet, give them a call. Just make sure that you save a seat for me!

Seven-Wheeled Wonders • (213) 344-9787 •

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