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Oddwalk 2.0

These are pictures from ODDWALK 2.0, a group art show, although at 138 artists, maybe mob art show is a better term. Anywho, it was great the see so much art and so many people packed into Steve “Paynie” Payne’s new DTLA art space, Oddville. The show was curated by […]

021116 Oddville 002-85

Comfort Zone feat. Sacha Robotti & Margot Lox

A new venue and a new group of fine folks. Who needs costumes, expensive drinks, Bros and sparkle ponies. Although an outdoor area and a sofa or two would have been nice, this was an old-school down and dirty tip, exactly what you would expect from the Dirtybirds. Many thanks […]

013116 Comfort Zone212

Burning Man 2015

Even with goggles and a dust mask, it hard to go out and see the city when…you can’t even see the city.

082715 BM2015874

Que Viva 2014

Butterflies, spray paint, mud, Bloody Marys, dominos, penguin hugs, dust, art, heroes, lightning, communication, dance breaks, the playa, Burning Man. Que Viva!   2 likes


Burning Man 2014: Caravansary

So, okay. Some years are tougher than others. This (my 13th, go figure) burn was one of the harder ones. Too much work and drama. It did rain, but that turned out to be one of the best days. Also, our camp, Que Viva, did a spectacular job executing our […]


The Gathering II

A big thank you goes out to Chino, the crew, the performers and especially the family of friends that makes The Gathering such an amazing event. 0 likes



Grateful Generation brings “A-Bun-Dance” back to the Beautiful Lure Nightclub in Hollywood: This Time A Magical Outdoor Wonderland of Love and Bohemian Burner Bazaar at one of Hollywood’s sexiest nightclubs.