The Improv: Celebrating a Bar

It was like a high-school reunion of only the fun kids.

Back in the 80’s I worked at the World Famous Improvisation on Melrose in Los Angeles. I worked there full-time as a host and M.C.. My girlfriend, who was a waitress at The Improv, and I lived just one block from the club. So when word went out that due to renovation, the bar at The Improv on Melrose was going to be destroyed, a big crowd of folks from that seminal period of my life gathered to grab a last drink from Eddie and Dave, the bartenders. Both Budd Friedman and Mark Lonow were there, along with dozens of other friends from back in the day.

Later, we learned that the bar is not going to be destroyed after all, but will be re-incorporated into the remodel. The comics signed the old bar. The owners of the Improv plan to seal the bar with thick layer of resin, so our names will still be there, even if we aren’t.


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