Walk Off With It!


You are walking down the street. You look down and are surprised to see a laptop computer, complete with power adapter and carrying case, lying on the sidewalk in front of you. There is a large tag attached which basically says:

The gift is free for you to take
You are now being video recorded.
If you don’t want to be recorded, don’t take the gift.
If you don’t mind being recorded, walk off with it.

What would you do?

“Walk Off With It!” is a new personal project of mine. It is a social experiment in gifting, but also is much more than getting stuff for free. It is a conduit for kindness between strangers. It’s about letting go of something that maybe clutter to you, but a blessing to someone else. It’s about paying attention, trusting in goodness and making people happy. Plus, it really fun! Here’s how it works.

WOWIhatchheader“Gifters” donate gifts to the project. The gift must operate properly, be in good working condition, and have all of the accessories/parts needed to operate. Almost as important as the gift itself, we ask the Gifter include information about the gift, telling us how or why they got the item and why they are giving it away. Ideally, this is done on camera.

The gift tag is attached to the gift. In addition to the info listed above, we encourage the “Giftee” to visit the Walk Off With It website to see their video.

We place the gift on a sidewalk somewhere and we record the person who walks off with the gift.

The “Giftee” can now go to the website and see the video of themselves walking off with the gift. They might learn about the person who gave them the gift. If they want, they can comment on the experience, they could even thank the Gifter, because the Gifter would be notified when the video of their item is posted. Or, we could never see the Giftee again. We never know what’s going to happen, except that it’s probably going to be fun.

Here is the latest “Walk Off With It” video, Walk Off With It #4 – Apple PowerMac G5 w/Apple Cinema Display. Be sure to read the story of how our Giftee, Ernest, walked off with a much needed computer and the everyone else enjoyed a genuine feel-good moment.



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